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Light Up
the World

The world’s leading digital out-of-home signage software company knows something about the power of brands. After all, its software powers over 130,000 displays in the most prestigious locations across the globe. The London Underground, Las Vegas' Harmon Corner, and most of the busiest airports, cinemas and retail venues across the globe trust them year after year.


The company is experiencing a period of high growth along with a diversification of it's clientele and product offering. Consequently, there was a need to evolve its brand strategy to support this expansion.

BrandBourg had the privilege of guiding the Broadsign team in defining their DNA, the architecture of its product portfolio and the revitalization of its identity.

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Make the light shine


Our team of experts in strategy and branding, guided by the managers and members of the Broadsign leadership team, conducted a thorough assessment that successfully resulted in the expression of the very essence of the Broadsign brand. This expression is conveyed through the enhancement of customer benefits, the revision to the identity system and an optimization of the nomenclature for the entire portfolio :

  • The “Light up the world” signature was created to complete the brand name and to highlight the brand’s inspirational benefit
  • The new product nomenclature system is built using verbs which is more engaging and improves offer comprehension
  • Colour navigation system facilitates easier tracking

Show your colour


As part of the mandate, our creative team studied the revitalisation of the logotype. In order to ensure a successful transition in the context of a brand with strong equity, the most recognizable elements have been thoughtfully revisited and amplified. The triangle, symbolizing the “play” button, has been freed of the wordmark and resized to allow it to live more independently. As a result, it can be used as a favicon or social media avatar. When seen in perspective, the new icon can also be interpreted as a screen with the “play” symbol in its center.


Concerning the red and blue identity colors, they evolved and have been paired with cyan blue and night blue to form a gradation. This leverages the luminosity of RGB digital projection and gives depth and dynamism to the icon.


Finally, BrandBourg created an exclusive typographic design that brings harmonization with the icon and more uniqueness of the identity.


“BrandBourg’s incredibly talented team partnered with our marketing and creative team to help build a brand strategy and identity that is both considerate of our heritage and able to take us into the next stage of our company's growth. We are all very proud of and excited by the work.’’


- Liseanne Gillham, VP Marketing, BroadSign