The challenge: Claiming their rightful place

In recent years, pharmacological research has led to the development of new, highly efficient and sophisticated specialty drugs. Their arrival on the market has changed the relationship between healthcare professionals, patients and pharmaceutical companies.

The higher costs and the novelty of these treatments require rigorous patient monitoring and better sharing of data between the various stakeholders in the care continuum. A close relationship with patients and tight  collaboration between the actors are more important than ever to ensure optimal results.

Several “patient support programs” have been developed over the past few years, primarily by pharmaceuticals and major industry distributors. Unfortunately, these sophisticated programs have remained exclusive to closed parallel networks, thus limiting access to specialty drugs for many patients.

It is in this context that the AQPP (the Québec association of proprietor pharmacists) decided to form its own entity in order to democratize access to these programs and thus make it possible for more patients to use them. Patients are provided greater transparency and safety, in full regulatory compliance, resulting in better monitoring and a comprehensive view of their situation. This enables pharmacists to claim their rightful place in the continuum of care.

The Approach: A matter of user experience

Our role in this undertaking consisted of creating the new corporate identity and defining its key messages and narrative. To accomplish this, we reviewed the experience of each stakeholder with our clients in order to define the new entity’s difference and the key benefits it provides. The concepts of accessibility, compliance, transparency and proximity surfaced as being the strengths of the new offering. This in-depth work enabled us to identify areas of exploration for the creation of the brand name and the strategic platform and to establish a dynamic, credible tone, in line with this new generation of patient support programs.

The result: A solid foundation

To gain a foothold in this rapidly changing market, we needed our messages to be clear and precise. The name Accessa emerged as the bearer of the main brand promise. We backed it up with a signature highlighting the close relationship that the network maintains with each of the actors in the care continuum: proximity to patients, to doctors, to pharmaceutical companies and, of course, to pharmacists, the instigators of the Accessa solution. With this as a foundation, we then created arguments for the various decision-makers, a launch video, a web page and presentation material.

The brand was officially launched in August 2020.

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