A leading player in the field of continuing education in Quebec, Technologia is evolving in a highly competitive education market that is going through transformative change.

In such context, accompanied by BrandBourg, the company has recently decided to push its repositioning initiative further, in the hope of modernizing its value proposition and distance itself from other players. Cyril Vulgarides, CEO at Technologia shares his outlook on the importance and relevance of this process .

BB: Why did you decide to revisit your brand and brand expression?

There were a few obvious reasons, such as the natural ageing of the brand, certain limitations of the website and a logo that was looking dated. But more important was the evolution of the company and its business reality, which led to a strategic repositioning. In addition to adding new training areas, Technologia is moving from knowledge transfer to skill development and expanding the range of services it offers businesses. But a fair number of our clients saw us as a firm that only does technology training. In short, we are transforming our training proposition and that change had to be reflected in our identity and in our tagline:  Train. Perform. Transform. The transformation of our brand is thus the visual representation of both our own internal evolution and the evolution of our clients’ experience of our firm. It enables us to position ourselves as a strategic partner at the corporate table.

BB: How does your new identity allow you to better position yourself for the future?

It’s pivotal because it’s authentic: the point of our new identity isn’t just to look good – it exists to drive home the message that we are transforming training in a serious way. This change is based on a pedagogy that really revolves around active learning that makes training more effective, thereby ensuring that the people who take the training have a greater impact on the performance of their companies. It also involves a 360?service offer that brings together diagnostics, strategic analysis, a skills audit, and the implementation and deployment of a made-to-measure training program.

BB: How important is a strong corporate culture for rolling out a brand like yours?

It required real determination to change the positioning and the service offering on which this new brand image is based in order to maximize the impact on our clients. So in addition to the ambition and intrapreneurial spirit that drives us to constantly surpass ourselves, we had to have a corporate culture single-mindedly focused on quality and on the added value we can bring to clients.

BB: Did you involve your employees in the review of your brand and brand expression and, if so, how and why?

Although strategic repositioning is above all a decision made by senior management in response to a changing industry, we quickly involved employees in defining new dimensions of the brand and its values. With their input, we were able to articulate our strengths and guide the thinking that ultimately led to the new brand expression. It was of paramount importance for us because participating in the process allowed them to understand the challenges we were facing and to buy into the project and become our foremost ambassadors.

BB: What kind of impact do you hope your new brand platform will have on your ability to:

a.  inspire your target audience (clients) to entrust you with their training needs?

Brand recognition! We want to persuade potential clients that we can help them in their journey – whether they are training participants looking to develop their skills, managers who want to make their teams more effective, or senior executives determined to take their companies to the next level.

b.  Attract talent?

Having a more youthful brand image and a more appealing service offering can only make our employees prouder and make us more attractive to job candidates.

BB: By way of conclusion, what are the three key words that you want people to think of when they think of Technologia?

Train. Perform. Transform. There’s a good reason that’s our tagline!

Cyril Vulgarides, CEO at Technologia

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