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Bon Matin


Here is a good illustration of the essential role played by brand story, strategy, and research in developing a strong brand.


The health bread category is an ultra-competitive space, one that’s dominated by a handful of brands, among which Bimbo Canada, with its flagship Bon Matin line, is the undisputed leader. A health segment pioneer in the 70s, Bimbo has maintained a strong market presence ever since, in an environment where new brands are constantly vying [...]

The employer brand

The icing does not make the cake.


by Pierre Léonard, Senior Partner

There is no ready-made recipe for making your organization desirable.


In the age of Glassdoor and transparency, creating and building an employer brand requires a well-thought-out approach which involves the organization’s senior executives and its human resources, marketing and communications officers. An approach that is informed by an accurate assessment of [...]

The brand book



Anyone who has had the opportunity to take part in the creation or repositioning of a brand knows how gratifying and demanding this experience can be, and how much this initiative can impact the future of an organization. This highly strategic endeavour also represents a significant investment, and must therefore bear its fruits.


This is why it is so important to develop a rigorous implementation plan and the right tools to put the brand back on track. Upon its launch, [...]

Merger and Acquisition



When two companies merge, or when a company buys out another, both parties work hard at implementing the best deal possible, thereby ensuring new peaks in performance for the newly formed organization.


Legal, financial and tax consultants are gathered. Products and services are put forward, along with client lists and territories. Management styles and equipment are compared. Everything and anything that's quantifiable and forecastable is carefully covered.


However, [...]