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Traffic and debris congestion in space is a clear danger to all satellites. Accurately locating objects and predicting their position is an immediate challenge.


NorthStar Earth & Space asked BrandBourg for support in developing its brand strategy and key messages for the launch of its new website. This launch was of great importance to the company, as it would coincide with the announcement of the company starting the construction of its first satellites designed to ensure the safety of spaceflight.


NorthStar is the first commercial service to monitor space not from the ground, but rather from space itself, via a constellation of satellites with dedicated optical sensors. NorthStar's data-driven platform delivers high-precision products and services to create a safe and secure environment in space. This platform will ultimately provide valuable data to support the sustainable management of Earth’s natural resources and empower humanity to preserve the planet.


NorthStar's AI-driven space-based knowledge platform will deliver information for the safety and sustainability of our critical Earth and Space environments. BrandBourg has proved an excellent sounding board as we develop our narrative for clients and stakeholders.


- Stewart Bain, President and CEO, NorthStar Earth & Space



Visit the website:


Read the news release:

Passion Flakie

Following on the heels of its successful Maple-flavour collection, Vachon introduced another innovation: a limited summer edition of its famous Passion Flakie pastries. Launched in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada in the summer of 2020, with packaging designed by BrandBourg, the collection includes two new tropical flavours: lime and strawberry-banana. 


The aim was simple: to create a buzz and a sense of excitement around the brand and the category, while using colourful and enticing packaging and displays to maximize the impact of in-store secondary  locations.


The initiative was a resounding success with adults and children, in addition to beating sales targets. 


What surprises does Vachon have in store for the summer of 2021?


“For Vachon, limited-edition collections are one way to be innovative and speak to our target market. BrandBourg is a vital partner in concept development and packaging creation.”
Marie-Ève Lepage, Marketing Director, Bimbo Canada 
PRANA Goes Gourmet!

While it took a year to craft a product that met PRANA’s high quality standards, the result is a hickory smoked BBQ almond treat that truly lives up to its gourmet labelling. Made with premium organic almonds, coated with a savoury spice blend and dry roasted to a perfect crunch, this snack makes for an irresistible sweet-and-salty experience on the taste buds.


BrandBourg’s deep, rich design for this new offering is a departure from PRANA’s popular packaging, but it reflects the product’s complex flavours.


 “From the moment BrandBourg presented the concept, our entire team loved the package design. It embodies what we feel we have proudly achieved with our new product – rich in flavour and perfect for any occasion.”
Janick Parent, VP Marketing, PRANA


As a pioneer in wholesome plant-based and organic snacks, PRANA continues to demonstrate its leadership with innovative products that deliver both nutritional value and a great taste.


PRANA Organic Hickory BBQ Almonds are available at Costco stores in Eastern Canada and at


A new, confident brand image for Fondaction

BB: Why undertake a revamping of your brand and its expression?


JC: For Fondaction, this questioning was born of a very simple observation: despite its expertise and its leadership in sustainable finance, built over its 25-year history, the Fund remains a too well-kept secret. We thought to ourselves, there must be something we can change in the way we express ourselves, in order to increase our notoriety and, ultimately, our positive impact on the economy and on society.


BB: What is the impact of Fondaction’s culture on your new brand expression platform?


JC: Fondaction is uncompromising as it aims for positive transformation of the economy. This mission is what mobilizes investors, the entrepreneurs and employers that Fondaction supports, its own employees and all of its partners as well. It was by understanding that this is the essence of our brand that we were able to design, with BrandBourg, our new brand image.


BB: What impact do you hope your new brand expression platform will have?


JC: The intended impact, in a nutshell, is simply notoriety. Not because that is a goal in itself, but because it is what will allow Fondaction to accelerate its growth. It will come about through new shareholders who want to prepare for retirement and to contribute to the world in which they will retire. It will involve companies that understand the importance and value of managing social and environmental risks, and partners who trust Fondaction’s expertise and creativity to transform the economy. And all this is made possible thanks to employees who are proud to be a part of this movement. In other words, we have high expectations for our new brand image!


BB: Finally, after the deployment of its new expression platform, what are the three words that you would like all stakeholders to associate with Fondaction?


JC: There are actually four and they describe the economy in which Fondaction invests: inclusive, equitable, high-performing and green. That’s what we are striving towards! 

Lactantia Lives its Values

Lactantia, known and trusted for its commitment to quality and wholesome goodness, has given consumers another reason why they can rely on the brand to do what is right for Canadians. In an act that truly embodies its ethos, Lactantia will be supporting families whose lives have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by donating two per cent of its sales of Lactantia PurFiltre 2% milk to Food Banks of Quebec. The campaign could contribute up to $100,000 and help so many during difficult times, and reassure them that “things are going to be okay.”


“From the moment we presented it, the concept has received unprecedented support internally and incredible endorsement by our trade partners. It speaks volumes about our brand, our company and our people. But best of all, we are helping those in need in our community. Credit goes to Brandbourg for creating the idea that sparked an incredible collaboration between our internal teams and our external agencies. Brandbourg has again demonstrated the value they bring to our true partnership.”


– Vanessa Grekov, National Marketing Director, Lactalis Canada


Specially designed packages of Lactantia PurFiltre 2% milk are destined for grocery shelves in Quebec (where the promotion is running). The promotion is supported in-store as well as with TV, print and digital media.


Yann Mooney joins BrandBourg
"What I found unique about BrandBourg is their passion for what they do, combined with their distinctive approach and their expertise. I am very motivated to add my own contribution to the mix.”


Yann is an international authority on branding and interactivity. He served as creative director and partner at Sid Lee for, working with the agency's biggest accounts both in Canada and abroad. Clients who have benefited from his expertise include adidas AG, Absolut, Red Bull, Cirque du Soleil, the SAQ, RONA, Bell, Vodafone, Air Canada, St-Hubert, exo, National Bank and Loto-Québec. 

The Neuro launches its new identity

The Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital, known as “The Neuro,” is Canada’s largest neuroscience research and clinical care centre and one of the leading institutions of its kind worldwide. In order to highlight the distinctive character of this renowned institution in a compelling and memorable way, The Neuro enlisted BrandBourg to define the its DNA and update its brand identity.


A commitment to openness


The Neuro has been at the forefront of research and treatment of complex neurological diseases since 1934.


In this innovative institution, researchers, clinicians and care providers work with patients and donors to advance the field of neurology and develop state-of-the-art care and treatment. It is a place where members of the scientific community from throughout the world work together, guided by the principles of open science, to push the boundaries of knowledge and share that knowledge for the common good. It is an inclusive institution which puts people at the centre of medical practice.


These three dimensions of the Neuro form the pillars of its unique identity and single it out  as a great pioneer in the field of neurology.


A strong and distinctive identity


The new identity reflects what sets the Neuro apart and gives it added value. The captivating new symbol has a compelling story behind it. Its symbol consists of a rosette made up of shapes that recall the key practitioners at The Neuro. It evokes both the openness of the institution and its focus on people. It also symbolizes the neuron, clearly indicating the institution’s field of expertise. In addition, the new bold and contrasting colour palette represents the Institute-Hospital’s three pillars as well as its personality traits: inspiring, expert, human and caring.


"We are very proud to launch The Neuro's new identity, which is now perfectly aligned with our DNA.  This revamp was necessary given our strategic orientations and it makes us even more proud to belong to this venerable institution. Congratulations to the entire BrandBourg team who accompanied us in this process." - Damien Chalaud, Senior Director of Communications


Hostess: Hot Off the Shelf



BrandBourg reworked the Hostess brand’s positioning and the overall identity of its iconic brands, like Twinkies and Cupcakes, to make them more fun, festive and appealing. The main objectives were to:


  1. Develop an ownable design platform
  2. Position the Hostess brand in the overall corporate portfolio  and give it a distinctive look and feel to differentiate it from Vachon and Sara Lee
  3. Enhance the individual personality of each product brand while maintaining a family resemblance
  4. Preserve familiarity and  brand recognition


"Based on research results, we believe this brand redesign will create excitement for the snack cakes category. The evolution from a very passive to an energetic and personality-driven design platform will have great stopping power in the busy retail environment. Many thanks to BrandBourg for their creative excellence and their deep understanding of the category. "


 – Riona Coller, Marketing Director, Bimbo Canada


"This is a great example of how a brand can evolve to be more in tune with today’s consumer expectations while remaining faithful to its DNA. We also developed a platform that can easily be expanded to embrace seasonal offerings while continuing to perform well on shelf."


  – Julie Raymond, VP Strategy and Consulting, BrandBourg
La Fédération québécoise d’athlétisme


BrandBourg gives a leg up to the Fédération québécoise d'athlétisme.


The mission of the Fédération québécoise d'athlétisme (FQA) is to promote athletics in Quebec, both in schools and as an elite sport.


BrandBourg is proud to have volunteered to help develop the FQA’s 2019-2024 major fundraising campaign. The idea behind the theme of the campaign, “Le sport avec un grand A”(Sports with a capital “A”), is to attract young people to athletics by restoring the prestige of the sport. It builds on the idea of athletics as the foundation of all sporting activities


To reinforce this message, BrandBourg produced a striking visual of a running track in the shape of an “A”, in addition to the fundraising campaign brochure.

Bon Matin : Global accolades for Bon Matin redesign!

Bon Matin won the award for best package redesign at the 2019 Global Business Forum,  a corporate event held by Grupo Bimbo in Querétaro, Mexico.


Bimbo is the world’s biggest bakery company, with $15B in sales and more than 100 brands in 32 countries. In Canada, Bimbo owns brands such as Dempster’s, Bon Matin, POM, Vachon, Hostess, Sara Lee and many more.


Every year, Grupo Bimbo organizes an internal summit of its senior managers from around the world to discuss the future of the business while sharing the past year’s most outstanding achievements. Bon Matin, which was short-listed in the highly competitive Best Packaging category, won top marks on all key criteria:

  • Sales impact
  • Leveraging and building on key visual assets
  • Brand communication
  • On-shelf stopping power.

The redesigned Bon Matin packaging, which made its debut on Quebec shelves this spring, was the result of a rigorous design process. For more information, see:


" We are very pleased by this award, which we are sharing with BrandBourg, a key partner for us. Their ability to understand consumers and our core visual assets helped us make great headway with the brand’s performance in Quebec for the first time in many years. The results of the redesign speak for themselves."

 – Heather Crees, VP Marketing, Bimbo Canada


"The revitalization of the Bon Matin brand and the simultaneous creation of La Mie de l’Artisan generated immediate growth. BrandBourg’s unique research and creative approach helped us determine the right  brand strategy and positioning."

 – Tania Goecke, Senior Director of Marketing, Bimbo Canada


"We are very proud of this award because it reflects two of our defining strengths: a collaborative approach and a focus on getting results."

 – Christian Pichette, Senior Partner and President, BrandBourg.


"Rarely does one encounter a company that is so passionate about the growth of its business while being truly committed to the growth and prosperity of its people. It’s a privilege and joy to be working with this team." 

 – John Nishida, Managing Partner, BrandBourg



 In the photo (left to right):
  • Joseph McCarthy, President, Bimbo Canada
  • Charlie Wilton, Partner, Sklar Wilton & Associates
  • Tania Goecke, Senior Director of Marketing, Bimbo Canada
  •  Erin Webber, Director, Sklar Wilton & Associates
  • Christian Pichette, Senior Partner and President, BrandBourg
  • Heather Crees, VP Marketing, Bimbo Canada
  • John Nishida, Managing Partner, BrandBourg
SOQUIJ asserting one’s leadership



The Société québécoise d'information juridique publishes decisions from the judicial and administrative tribunals of Québec. Its experts support professionals in their search for solutions, and the public in its understanding of the law. SOQUIJ asked BrandBourg to assist it in developing a brand strategy and in redefining its product portfolio architecture.

CPAC making the shift to digital



CPAC provides programming on parliamentary, political and public affairs in Canada and abroad. It called upon BrandBourg for assistance with the optimization of its brand strategy.

Technologia :Training mastering knowledge



The leader in ongoing training in Québec, Technologia offers more than 300 training seminars in classrooms and online, in six areas of specialization. BrandBourg was entrusted with the mandate to jointly review the company’s platform and brand signature, as well as its digital visual identity.

TELUS Health Trusts BrandBourg

TELUS Health offers a broad range of digital solutions for healthcare providers, payers, patients and the general public. With more than 2,600 employees, TELUS Health develops solutions that impact the lives of over 11.8 million Canadians.


As a result of consistent growth over the past 10 years, TELUS Health needs to bring to market a substantial number of new solutions, in both the B2B and B2B2C markets. BrandBourg is working with the company's marketing team on projects related to brand architecture, name search and communication platforms.


“We are glad we can rely on the expertise and professionalism of BrandBourg in its strategic role with respect to the positioning of the TELUS Health brand.” 

- Carolyn Jolin, General Manager, Marketing
Caprion: Asserting One's Difference

Montreal-based Caprion Biosciences is a scientific research company that provides immune surveillance and proteomic biomarker identification services to large pharmaceutical organizations in North America, Europe and Asia.


To support its international expansion and assert its positioning as a genuine partner in the development of personalized medicine, Caprion sought BrandBourg's guidance in crafting a precise brand strategy and ensuring its optimal articulation. 


We are delighted to have at long last found a world-class partner, in Montreal, to support us in this mandate. BrandBourg's extensive expertise in brand strategy and alignment made it possible to bring our DNA to light and to assert, in an eloquent and inspiring manner, our difference and the added value we bring to the biosciences industry.”


- Martin Leblanc, President and CEO

The Neuro, Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital Seeks Out BrandBourg's Strategy Expertise

A world leader in brain research and advanced patient care, the Neuro called on the services of BrandBourg to reveal its DNA and optimize its brand ecosystem. As experts on brand strategy, image and architecture, we are proud to support the largest specialized neuroscience research and clinical centre in Canada—and one of the largest in the world—in its quest to assert its difference in a clear, consistent manner.


“In a global competitive landscape, with numerous stakeholders and in which we recruit some of the top brain researchers in the world, it is crucial to have a brand strategy that is coherent, impactful and unifying. We know we can rely on BrandBourg's expertise to guide us in our strategic decisions.”


- Damien Chalaud, Senior Director of Communications

Lynne Gagnon, Benoit Giguère and Nathalie Lachance join BrandBourg

Booming and soon to mark its fifth anniversary, BrandBourg is pleased to announce the arrival of three exceptional professionals to its team.


With their client-side experience in successful brand development for such well-known names as the STM, exo, La Presse+ and Desjardins, Lynne, Benoit and Nathalie bring even more depth to our firm. 


BrandBourg firmly believes that a combination of client-side experience and expertise acquired working in marketing, creative and consulting firms constitutes an invaluable asset for our clients. Thus, the arrival of these three experts on board represents a leap forward for us. 


Their combined expertise enables us, more than ever, to develop persuasive and effective strategies. We are now able to guide our clients through the entire process of organizational alignment in order to ensure a successful outcome for all their brand projects.


BrandBourg Welcomes a Global Leader

Bimbo Canada, the global leader in the bakery industry, has selected BrandBourg as a key partner in brand building and design.


“Having previously worked with the BrandBourg team, I know first-hand how they are able to bring brands to life through a thorough and rigorous process of brand and design investigation. The team is knowledgeable yet always inquisitive and commit themselves to helping their clients fortify their brands’ position in the marketplace. Our team is excited to be collaborating with BrandBourg.”

- Heather Crees, SVP Marketing


Biscuits Leclerc



Since 1905, Leclerc has been providing Canadian consumers with cookies, granola bars and crackers that are both tasty and of excellent quality. Its products meet the taste and quality expectations of a discerning clientele, concerned about its eating habits and who sometimes like to indulge. BrandBourg is proud to have Leclerc Group as one of its new clients, working with their team as a strategic partner in marketing, innovation and branding.


We greatly appreciate BrandBourg’s contribution in the strategic evolution of our brands. It is simple and efficient to work with them. They really understand our challenges and business reality.


- Laurent-Xavier Gilbert, Vice President, Innovation and Marketing

Quartier de l’innovation



The Quartier de L’Innovation de Montréal (QI) has selected BrandBourg to lead their strategic planning effort which aims to propel the organization to new heights.


The QI, a world class experimental laboratory, supported by all levels of government and partnered with organizations such as RBC, BMO, Desjardins, McGill, Deloitte and Videotron, brings together research, education, innovation and entrepreneurship into one community to create and build major initiatives.


BrandBourg had the privilege of leading QI and its stakeholders through the creative process and positioning of their new brand. That successful partnership is reaffirmed with QI’s continuing collaboration with BrandBourg.


"BrandBourg is a brand agency that differentiates itself with the quality of its strategic thinking and insight from its associates.  It contributed in supporting a dream that is now a true Montreal-based reality."

 - Damien Silès, General Manager, Quartier de l’innovation



BrandBourg is proud to count Group Medicus, Québec’s leading provider of orthotics, compression, mobility and homecare equipment since 1957, as one of its new clients.


Group Medicus, today’s leading private employer of Orthotics & Prosthetics graduates in Québec, includes several companies such as Savard, Oxybec and Adaptel.


BrandBourg will guide them through the development of their new brand platform.


Based on our specific expertise needs in brand portfolio management, positioning strategy and identity, BrandBourg appeared to us as a natural and reassuring choice.'


- Pierre Coutu, Marketing Director

BrandBourg glows with pride



On the occasion of The World Design Summit hosted in Montreal, Pierre Léonard, CP Creative Director at BrandBourg, receives the International Council of Design Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to the practice, education and promotion of design.  


The Council is a global association that represents the international voice of design and advocates for its role as an agent for progressive change in the best interests of humanity and the environment.


A strategic thinker and great communicator, Pierre is Canada’s key player in brand identity and brand experience challenges.  From Bell Canada to the Cirque du Soleil and the Quartier de l’innovation, through Air Canada, Radio-Canada and Desjardins, his contribution to elevating the role branding and design played in the cultural, social and economic development of Quebec and Canada is unique.


Convinced that creativity combined with talented professionals enhances brand relevancy and performance, Pierre has always been a strong proponent of a multi-disciplinary approach.  This philosophy brought him to co-found BrandBourg, where marketing, branding and design expertise meet to the benefit of brands.


BrandBourg is extremely proud to count one of the best strategists and brand identity specialists in Canada, now internationally renowned, as one of our own.  Every day, Pierre demonstrates that design is beyond a simple style or aesthetic exercise and that it takes its vital place in a well thought brand strategy.

 - Christian Pichette, Co-President, BrandBourg



The world’s leading digital out-of-home signage software company knows something about the power of brands. After all, its software powers over 120,000 displays at the most prestigious locations across the globe. So when BroadSign decided to capitalize on stronger branding solutions it knew exactly who to partner with.


“BrandBourg’s incredibly talented team is partnering with our marketing and creative team to help build our brand strategy and identity. We’re excited about working with BrandBourg through this exciting period of our growth.’’ 

Liseanne Gillham, VP Marketing, BroadSign

Réseau de transport métropolitain



Created from the merger of Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) and thirteen municipal and intermunicipal transport entities, the Réseau de transport métropolitain is responsible for operating public bus and commuter train transit services throughout the North and South shores of Montréal.  

The RTM has mandated BrandBourg to assist them with the articulation of a unique positioning; an enlightening master brand plan and an inspiring brand story that will contribute to a strong brand deployment for all key stakeholders.



“We’ve selected Brandbourg for its experience and the depth of its strategic talent as well for its participative approach, aiming to rally all key stakeholders around one single brand.”


- Lynne Gagnon, Director, Advertising and brand management




Norbec Inc. is a leader in the construction of cold rooms and architectural panels and the only manufacturer in North America. It recently selected BrandBourg as its strategic agency whose mandate is to assist the business in all areas of marketing, innovation and branding strategy.


“BrandBourg’s deep knowledge and experience in B2B marketing along with its individualized approach were decisive attributes when we were looking for a partner to support and develop our marketing department.”


- Jan Lembregts, President Norbec Inc.

An Action-Packed Beginning to a Very Promising Year



Since the beginning of the year, our offices have been buzzing with the arrival of numerous new clients who have entrusted BrandBourg with their brands. Our new clients come in various shapes and sizes, and are active in markets ranging from Montréal to the international scene.


Téo Taxi shook up the taxi industry in Montréal with its fleet of electric cars that use the latest connective technologies and with its high quality, courteous service.  


R3D Conseil provides its support to companies in implementing electronic business solutions and managing IT investment projects. It has offices in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.


Chocolats Favoris is a unique chocolate shop concept that started in Lévis (Québec) and has spread across the nation. The company is poised to expand to the international market.  


Eers is a Montréal-based business preparing the launch of an innovative hearing protection system for the workplace, allowing workers to communicate via radio waves.


Boiseries Raymond is one of the main suppliers of finishing materials, doors and staircases in Québec's construction and renovation market.  


Classic Woodwork offers premium woodworking services across North America and Europe.  




2017 marks the opening of our Toronto branch, headed by the newest member of our team, John Nishida.  John is a seasoned marketer and brand builder who, in addition to leading BrandBourg's Toronto-based team, is co-president of our agency in charge of our consumer products division.

BrandBourg already provides its services to Parmalat Canada and the LCBO, two major players in the Toronto market. We are thrilled to serve this vast market from our new address, which is meant to help accelerate our growth and deploy an all-inclusive approach across the Canadian market.





We're happy to announce the addition of Newton to BrandBourg's offering. Newton is a multidisciplinary team of professionals specializing in employer branding. This dynamic group allows BrandBourg to cover a brand's every need — branding, marketing, communications and now employee experience and corporate culture.


This comprehensive approach has become crucial, especially the tech industries where competition to attract and retail the best talent is a constant challenge. It also is a key factor in the services industry, where the employee is the brand's first ambassador.


Florian Pradon is Newton's co-founder and director of employee experience at BrandBourg.


New clients

Fall has been particularly active at BrandBourg, we are thrilled to work with Maibec, the North American authority in wood based exterior siding; and Magil Construction, ranked among the top ten builders in the country. 

Van Houtte®



BrandBourg reworked the Van Houtte brand’s positioning and the overall identity of this Master Roaster. The agency has also revamped close to fifty packaging designs in various categories and formats. For this endeavour, BrandBourg developed a comprehensive, fully interactive digital brand book, which everyone involved with the brand in the company’s various divisions will be able to use to better understand the brand’s essence, its reason for being and all its applications with just a few clicks.




Having developed the organization's brand strategy, BrandBourg accompanied the TOHU in the implementation of its subscription campaign and promotion of its 2016-2017 program.


The agency illustrated the TOHU's eight major shows of the season through posters and visual themes, and created the campaign's promotional materials including, among other artfully executed pieces, a brochure and videos. 

Attract. Engage.



The official launch of Newton was held May 18, 2016 at the SAT (Société des arts technologiques à Montréal). Over 200 guests from the fields of human resources, marketing and communications mingled and shared this historic moment.

Co-founded by BrandBourg Marketing and Design and Sourcinc, Newton is a multidisciplinary team of seasoned professionals whose expertise complement one another to create a powerful partnership combining human resources and the driving force of branding, marketing and communication.

Acceo Solutions



Specializing in electronic business transactions, ACCEO Solutions is a leader in business, accounting and banking solutions, in SAAS and in cloud computing solutions.


BrandBourg has provided its support to ACCEO for the deployment of its offer and to clarify its brand architecture and its marketing. For this purpose, BrandBourg’s three partners are working as trainers with ACCEO’s internal teams.

La Chambre des notaires du Québec

New client


The Chambre des notaires du Québec has mandated BrandBourg to consider their brand strategy, positioning and communications.


The Chambre's mission is to ensure the public's protection by promoting the preventative practice of law that fulfill the public's needs, and by making the justice system accessible to all.

Montréal Cirque Festival

New campaign


The Montréal Cirque Festival, a TOHU event, has been giving goose bumps to Montréal audiences for over ten summers now.


BrandBourg designed the festival's 2016 annual campaign aimed at leveraging the public's enthusiasm to further establish the festival's strong positioning.


New campaign


BrandBourg developed the École de technologie supérieure's massive fundraising campaign, with the objective of raising 40 million dollars over the next five years.

Point G

New image


BrandBourg revamped the brand identity for Point G, the epicurean boutique on Mont-Royal Avenue in Montréal, established by renowned pastry chef Julien Reigner.


New client


Epiderma, a leader in the field of medical esthetics, came to BrandBourg to better define its new positioning — that is, a more clinical approach — and renew its identity at different points of contact.

Baseball Canada



Following its strategic development work for Baseball Québec, BrandBourg was approached for a similar project by Baseball Canada, the national federation based in Ottawa.


“The insightful and remarkably clear work BrandBourg did for Baseball Québec naturally enticed us into mandating them with the job of sharpening our communication with Canadian parents and young players across the country.”

- André Lachance, General manager, Baseball Canada