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Your Go-To
A True Brand
Our five-pronged approach to serving our clients
What is the current state of affairs?
  • Review trends, gauge brand relevance and appreciation, evaluate customer/employee experiences
  • Conduct competitive audit, review inspiring practices
  • Integrate learnings from a variety of sources
How do you define yourself?
  • Mission, vision, values
  • Define brand strategy/corporate positioning (related promise and benefits, desired experience, personality, expected behaviours, tone and style)
How can your branding strategy support your business objectives?
  • Brand architecture and portfolio strategy
How does the brand express itself visually and verbally?
  • Creative development/identity optimization
  • Name and visual identity
  • Brand signature
  • Voice and key messages
  • Key visuals
  • Content strategy
  • Packaging design
How can effective implementation and strategic alignment be ensured?
  • Brand strategy and identity guide
  • Culture manifesto
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Support and monitoring
How can we measure impartially, with the right tools?
  • Provide guidance on research methodologies and performance indicators
  • Gauge the resonance of the brand promise with customers and employees
  • Assess the relevance of visual stimuli depicting strategic and graphic elements of the brand
We make sure that all your projects—whether strategic or creative, or both—are managed smoothly and efficiently. 
We adapt our approach to your needs and context, whether you have your own creative department or do business with external collaborators.
Internal creative department: Getting buy-in and mobilizing employees is essential to the success of any project. Our Design Sprint and Design Thinking workshops are powerful tools for employee buy-in and training. 
External partners: In working with your partners, we represent your interests and take this role very seriously. Our approach is neutral; your partners are our partners. We develop all our tools for optimal performance to ensure the success of your projects.
Our network of partners: Our extensive network allows us to provide you with 360° solutions. All our trusted partners have recognized expertise in their fields and share our high standards of excellence.
Our guiding principles for turning brands into levers of growth vary based on the type of brand.
Corporate brands:
  1. Consider branding as a company-wide project for which internal buy-in is a key success factor
  2. Craft your customer and employee promise with care
  3. Confirm how your brand is perceived and recognized by key stakeholders
  4. Make sure you deliver on your promise before communicating it
  5. Ensure that your brand stays relevant and up to date
Product brands:
  1. Consider packaging as the most important vehicle for communication and consumer research as a key success factor
  2. Craft your customer promise with care
  3. Confirm how your brand is perceived and recognized by key stakeholders
  4. Validate whether your packaging platform delivers shelf impact and facilitates navigation through your product offering
  5. Bring your brand promise to life with an innovation and brand extension plan
  6. Ensure that your brand image and product offering remain relevant and up to date