Since November 1st, BrandBourg’s Montreal office is located at 780 Brewster, in order to join its partners in the Humanise collective, including Bleublancrouge, Glassroom, Tulipe and several other companies.

This move occurred 10 months after we joined the collective and now allows us to provide our current and future clients with:

  • IT security standards that meet the highest industry standards
  • Access to a wider range of specialized resources under one roof.
  • Spacious offices to welcome our clients.

Humanise is a collective of independent, locally owned companies. The collective offers its clients a wide range of complementary disciplines and expertise in a flexible formula adapted to their needs. Humanise has an international reach and a presence in Montreal and Toronto, with a staff of over 350 professionals working in eight independent firms.

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"We remain an independent firm specializing in branding. In order to offer an integrated service, our expertise can be enhanced thanks to our colleagues at Humanise for some specific projects or clients. After less than a year in the collective, Desjardins, PayFacto, Lactalis Canada, Andrew Peller and other companies are already using our expanded services."

Christian Pichette, Senior Partner and President