We’re in the business of building strategic assets.

We believe that brands are strategic levers. They help foster growth, attract customers and talent, increase profitability and contribute to an organization’s long-term success.


We help businesses and organizations build their brands when they are starting out, following a merger or acquisition or while undertaking a major repositioning or revitalization project by:

  • articulating their mission and vision with eloquence;
  • precisely defining their brand DNA;
  • ensuring that the brand promise attracts buy-in; and
  • assisting their teams in their strategic alignment initiatives.

B2B, B2C? We believe that brands are B4H!*

Brands are complex ecosystems woven from human relationships. Our mission is to help our clients create powerful connections between their organization, their brand(s) and the people they aim to influence. *Business-for-Humans

We accompany our clients with insight, creativity and pragmatism.

We support our clients every step of the way, from strategic positioning to creating and rolling out their identity.

We consider research as an indispensable tool for getting a read on the hearts and minds of target groups, getting buy-in from everyone involved, and guiding the decision-making process. We believe that the most effective brand strategies are those that contribute to the organization’s overall strategic alignment and help them deliver memorable experiences.

We recognize experience and commitment as essential success factors.

Our team comprises dedicated specialists in a variety of fields, from both corporate and agency backgrounds. We believe that the relationship of cooperation and trust we succeed in cultivating with our clients is what allows us to deliver the most effective solutions.

We take a collaborative and flexible approach.

We make sure that all your projects—whether strategic or creative, or both—are managed smoothly and efficiently. We adapt our approach to your needs and context, whether you have your own creative department or do business with external collaborators.


We stay ahead of the curve.

Our partnership with Centech, one of the 20 biggest business incubators in the world, and the network of experts with whom we collaborate keep us at the forefront of many different fields.

What makes BrandBourg a destination of choice?

  • Our keen strategic sense, well thought out creative process and efficient implementation
  • Our multidisciplinary team of recognized experts
  • Our systematic approach based on solid research
  • Our flexible and open approach to supporting clients
  • A shared commitment to concrete and measurable results