BrandBourg glows with pride

On the occasion of The World Design Summit hosted in Montreal, Pierre Léonard, CP Creative Director at BrandBourg, receives the International Council of Design Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to the practice, education and promotion of design.

The Council is a global association that represents the international voice of design and advocates for its role as an agent for progressive change in the best interests of humanity and the environment.

A strategic thinker and great communicator, Pierre is Canada’s key player in brand identity and brand experience challenges.  From Bell Canada to the Cirque du Soleil and the Quartier de l’innovation, through Air Canada, Radio-Canada and Desjardins, his contribution to elevating the role branding and design played in the cultural, social and economic development of Quebec and Canada is unique.

Convinced that creativity combined with talented professionals enhances brand relevancy and performance, Pierre has always been a strong proponent of a multi-disciplinary approach.  This philosophy brought him to co-found BrandBourg, where marketing, branding and design expertise meet to the benefit of brands.

“BrandBourg is extremely proud to count one of the best strategists and brand identity specialists in Canada, now internationally renowned, as one of our own. Every day, Pierre demonstrates that design is beyond a simple style or aesthetic exercise and that it takes its vital place in a well thought brand strategy.”

- Christian Pichette, Co-President, BrandBourg

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