The Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital, known as “The Neuro,” is Canada’s largest neuroscience research and clinical care centre and one of the leading institutions of its kind worldwide. In order to highlight the distinctive character of this renowned institution in a compelling and memorable way, The Neuro enlisted BrandBourg to define the its DNA and update its brand identity.

A commitment to openness

The Neuro has been at the forefront of research and treatment of complex neurological diseases since 1934.

In this innovative institution, researchers, clinicians and care providers work with patients and donors to advance the field of neurology and develop state-of-the-art care and treatment. It is a place where members of the scientific community from throughout the world work together, guided by the principles of open science, to push the boundaries of knowledge and share that knowledge for the common good. It is an inclusive institution which puts people at the centre of medical practice.

These three dimensions of the Neuro form the pillars of its unique identity and single it out  as a great pioneer in the field of neurology.

A strong and distinctive identity

The new identity reflects what sets the Neuro apart and gives it added value. The captivating new symbol has a compelling story behind it. Its symbol consists of a rosette made up of shapes that recall the key practitioners at The Neuro. It evokes both the openness of the institution and its focus on people. It also symbolizes the neuron, clearly indicating the institution’s field of expertise. In addition, the new bold and contrasting colour palette represents the Institute-Hospital’s three pillars as well as its personality traits: inspiring, expert, human and caring.

"We are very proud to launch The Neuro's new identity, which is now perfectly aligned with our DNA. This revamp was necessary given our strategic orientations and it makes us even more proud to belong to this venerable institution. Congratulations to the entire BrandBourg team who accompanied us in this process."

- Damien Chalaud, Senior Director of Communications

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