Hostess snacks, already famous for the classic CupCakes, become even more legendary with a new, deliciously fun-to-eat Unicorn cupcake.

This limited-time offering is the latest product and flavour innovation from Bimbo Canada, whose portfolio of sweet baked goods brands (Vachon, Sara Lee, Umo and Hostess) is continually offering consumers a variety of fun, tasty and unique products.

“It’s critical for our success, and BrandBourg has been a great partner in collaborating with our team to keep our pipeline full of exciting new product ideas and then expeditiously implementing new package design to get to market quickly and cost effectively,” says Riona Coller, Marketing Director at Bimbo Canada. “Their experience in CPG and food innovation is a perfect match for our needs.”

Hostess Unicorn Vanilla Cupcakes are available starting Spring 2021 for a limited time only.