The public health crisis we are experiencing in this pandemic era highlights the enormous pressure placed on those who care for us. It is recognized that frontline workers (paramedics, police officers, doctors, nurses, care providers, firefighters, etc.) are particularly at risk of suffering from overwork, compassion fatigue, anxiety, and even depression. Psychological support therefore becomes a priority issue for these professionals and their families.

It’s with this in mind that TELUS Health asked for BrandBourg’s help in creating a brand name for a new application that makes it possible to offer mental health resources specifically for frontline personnel and the organizations that employ them.

As with any name creation project, we apply rigorous care in exploring various communication territories, reducing the subjectivity inherent in selecting a nominal identity, and ensuring that names being considered meet specific criteria in terms of differentiation, relevance and impact with targeted clienteles. Thus was born Espri, an essential, useful app that offers a wide range of solutions and services to help with prevention and provide quick access to mental health support services in times of crisis.

Design : TELUS Health

“BrandBourg's team perfectly grasps the complex issues involved in name creation for such a product. In this particular instance, they managed to quickly acquire our trust by guiding us through the process, demonstrating their creative and strategic skills with great agility. ”

- Camille Grenier, Marketing Manager, Demand generation and Customer marketing

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