Traffic and debris congestion in space is a clear danger to all satellites. Accurately locating objects and predicting their position is an immediate challenge.

NorthStar Earth & Space asked BrandBourg for support in developing its brand strategy and key messages for the launch of its new website. This launch was of great importance to the company, as it would coincide with the announcement of the company starting the construction of its first satellites designed to ensure the safety of spaceflight.

NorthStar is the first commercial service to monitor space not from the ground, but rather from space itself, via a constellation of satellites with dedicated optical sensors. NorthStar’s data-driven platform delivers high-precision products and services to create a safe and secure environment in space. This platform will ultimately provide valuable data to support the sustainable management of Earth’s natural resources and empower humanity to preserve the planet.

NorthStar's AI-driven space-based knowledge platform will deliver information for the safety and sustainability of our critical Earth and Space environments. BrandBourg has proved an excellent sounding board as we develop our narrative for clients and stakeholders.

- Stewart Bain, President and CEO, NorthStar Earth & Space

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