Chocolate, pleasure and treats!

Chocolate lovers, foodies and epicureans with a sweet tooth are mad about Chocolats Favoris’ products and experience.

Originally an artisanal chocolate shop located on the south shore of Québec City, the company created a true revolution by reinventing the traditional concept of a chocolate boutique. Today, Chocolats Favoris ranks 145th amongst the top 500 fastest growing businesses in Canada.

This dazzling growth was driven by the expansion of its sales distribution and the development of new products, contributing to the on-going enjoyment of both artisanal and traditional chocolate pleasures for young and old alike.

Among its top sellers, take-home chocolate fondue in a can is definitely a consumer favourite.

Chocolats Favoris selected BrandBourg to review the packaging of this key product line in order to create better impact and optimize navigation across the various flavours.

Furthermore, BrandBourg is assisting on several visual and identity optimization projects along with the development of packaging for seasonal products.
In order to win the hearts of Quebec households, Chocolats Favoris has recently created a series of cooking items, including a range of chocolate ingredients such as cocoa powder, chocolate pastilles, chips, etc.
The company chose BrandBourg to create the visual identity of this new range which will be available in boutiques and grocery stores in the Fall of 2017.

“BrandBourg, with its marketing, innovation and design experience, represents a key partner for the deployment of our brand.”

- Isabelle Pasquet, VP Marketing and Sales, Chocolats Favoris

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