After over 100 years dedicated to making cookies, snack bars and crackers, Leclerc’s family business has become a true leader in the agrifood industry.

At the heart of its business are its employees who demonstrate their pride and devotion to making the best quality, best tasting food products every day.

Choco Max, one of Leclerc’s flagship brands, is competing in the nutritious portable food category. In this highly competitive category, brands need to make sure they stay relevant to their target consumers.

Recognizing the need for a strategic repositioning and rejuvenation of the Choco Max brand, Leclerc approached BrandBourg with this mandate. Working closely with the marketing team and using research testing to validate hypotheses, BrandBourg defined a new brand positioning that incites a stronger emotional engagement among target consumers.

This strategy guided the redesign of the packaging platform across the Choco Max and Muffin Max portfolios, and also helped align R&D and all other communication activities.

In the redesign of the brand, BrandBourg elevated the great taste and chocolate cues by leveraging the product’s visual attributes and brand identity. The new design also improves the shopping experience by optimizing on-pack navigation cues. A visually strong and consistent design structure facilitates identification and decision-making for the consumer.

“In crafting a positioning that harnesses the consumer’s love for our products, BrandBourg created a true brand platform that has the power to draw more consumers to our products. We are thrilled with Choco Max’s rejuvenated platform that helped us to bring consistency from product, to packaging to advertising.”

-Laurent-Xavier Gilbert, VP Marketing and Innovation

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