P’TIT QUÉBEC® cheese has been a staple in Québécois homes and a trusted partner in bringing families together for over 60 years. Québécois have grown to trust P’TIT QUÉBEC® for delicious cheeses and a key ingredient for their daily family meals for decades. The brand comes by it honestly, having stayed true to its roots with a strong respect and knowledge of Quebec tastes and traditions. In this way, P’TIT QUÉBEC® is truly an authentic Quebec brand.

BrandBourg’s responsibility is to continue to strengthen the brand’s visibility and competitive impact through a mindful evolution of its visual assets.

P’TIT QUÉBEC® cheese packaging had not been updated for a number of years and was in need of a refresh. The brand needed to evolve & become more contemporary to keep up with today’s consumer while still maintaining strong recognition.

The design team at BrandBourg felt that accentuating some of the brand’s assets was the key to rejuvenating the pack and refreshing the brand. In the final design, the visibility of the iconic P’TIT QUÉBEC® logo is highlighted in a defined concentric ring, while food photography has been updated to reflect truly Québécois daily meal preparations.

The packing before at the top and after at the bottom

Similarly, for P’TIT QUÉBEC® Poutine cheese curds, the latest innovation in the portfolio, package design is anchored in a brand-centric approach that leverages

the high familiarity of the logo and its brand colour as key visual triggers. As a result, there is a strong likeness generated across the entire P’TIT QUÉBEC® product offering created by honouring the brand’s authentic Québec roots.

“The BrandBourg team has a wealth of experience in stewarding revisions to package design for highly beloved and entrenched brands like P’tit Québec. Coupled with their deep understanding of the Quebec market through their Montreal office, they had the perfect combination of skill set and knowledge base that was vital in creating a successful update to P’tit Québec.”

-Vikrant Sharma, Marketing Director, Lactalis Canada

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