The Challenge

Garant is one of Canada’s leading gardening tool manufacturers, with a strong following among a well-established customer base – homeowners and patio gardeners. However, the Quebec-based company wanted to find a way to reach a younger demographic with lasting potential, particularly Generation Y, a.k.a. millennials. These young consumers, newly moved in or recently enticed by the various forms of gardening, do not feel addressed by the content currently offered.

This is the mission they entrusted to BrandBourg: to develop a video content plan focused on millennial consumers in order to educate them on the various gardening tools and guide them in their purchases.

Our Approach

Based on the premise that Gen Y gardeners need practical information presented in a context that speaks to them, and expect technology to be involved in the process, BrandBourg’s strategists opted for a digital approach, making sure to differentiate themselves from the traditional gardening content that can be found on the internet (tips, testimonials, demonstrations and such).

After conducting an audit of best practices in gardening content, BrandBourg’s marketing strategists and designers developed a content strategy that included key wording and topics. They developed a series of video vignettes based on the concept of “Fail” videos that abound on social networks to convey relevant and practical content in a fun and relatable way, providing viewers with information on Botanica’s product offering in a format that is totally different from conventional advertising. These short, tongue-in-cheek videos are aimed at building awareness and positioning Garant as the reference in gardening tools (as opposed to establishing it as a mentor and gardening expert).

The BrandBourg team was responsible for designing and writing scripts for the videos. Each video focuses on an essential gardening task, paired with the appropriate Garant Botanica tool. In a few seconds, young gardeners have the information they need to get “the right tool for the job, without fail”. BrandBourg would then be responsible for the art direction of the videos produced by the company selected by Garant, as well as designing the Garant Botanica home page.

The Results

Each video is a nod to the fact that the right tool will make all the difference, showcasing the Botanica tools that will make the job easier. The choice of Garant’s Botanica line, which is comprised of lightweight, durable tools that can be easily identified in stores by the green colour of their handles, was an important component of the proposed communication strategy.

The videos are available in various formats to suit different uses (purchased media, YouTube, social media and others). They also include a link to drive traffic to the Botanica home page, where young gardeners can learn more about the right tools for the job.

The concept developed by BrandBourg achieved an excellent completion rate (60%) on pre-roll YouTube placements, an outstanding result given the 30-second format that can be disabled.

With a 75% visibility rate, the campaign’s programmatic banners achieved a noteworthy performance, since we usually see rates of around 60% for this type of banner.

See the video here :

“BrandBourg's approach was creative and allowed us to achieve our goal of reaching new generations of gardeners and helping them with their tool selection. The concept of 'fail' videos tailor-made for the web and social networks, so we had great results. Our positioning as experts in gardening tools rather than experts in gardening will be retained in our future communications.”

— Alex Gélinas, Marketing Manager, Garant

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