Premier Tech is a Quebec multinational corporation based in Rivière-du-Loup. It is active in three main areas: horticulture and agriculture, industrial equipment, and environmental technologies. The company has experienced remarkable growth since it was founded in 1923 and currently operates in 27 countries with a team of 4,500 employees.

This stellar growth, which stemmed from a series of acquisitions and innovations in a rapidly changing marketplace, prompted Premier Tech to take stock of its brand. The company thus called on BrandBourg to help clarify certain aspects of its DNA. Like Premier Tech itself, BrandBourg fosters an open and collaborative approach. The agency and the client worked closely together to define and express the brand's global promise, which is rooted in strong values and a unique corporate culture. They also reviewed and fine-tuned Premier Tech’s brand architecture and the positioning of a number of product brands. Premier Tech seeks to make real connections between its people and its customers around the world. It deserves to make its mark and achieve its full potential. The goal of our joint efforts was to give the brand greater coherence both internally and externally and to craft an inspiring narrative that could engage all the company’s stakeholders.

As the culmination of this innovative approach, BrandBourg and Premier Tech organized a “design sprint,” a co-creation session for the purpose of reviewing the company’s visual identity to ensure that it was in line with its brand strategy.

For three days, the experts at BrandBourg and a team of 25 design, marketing and communications professionals from Premier Tech worked closely together to generate creative ideas for the company’s new logo. It was an especially stimulating and rewarding process for everyone involved.

“We were looking for support, not to reinvent ourselves, but to push our thinking to its limits while remaining true to our existing identity, and to find ways to promote our brand recognition. That’s what we liked about BrandBourg’s approach: we were able to work together on what we’d already built.”

Jean Bélanger, President and Chief Operating Officer, Premier Tech

A creative and collaborative sprint

A design sprint is a creative process that uses the tools of design thinking to develop promising solutions in short order. Participants from different parts of an organization are brought together as a single team wholly dedicated to the project for the duration of the exercise.

This very effective working method speeds up problem-solving and spurs creativity in business organizations, from start-ups to multinationals. It yields solutions that genuinely fit the company’s needs by drawing on the ideas and experience of employees.

In addition, the design sprint helps to rally employees, since the process helps everyone internalize the message and facilitates knowledge transfer throughout the organization.

The design sprint is one of the innovative practices that comprise BrandBourg’s business model, which is based on working collaboratively to build strong brands.

“It’s never easy for an organization to revisit its visual identity, so it was both reassuring and stimulating for the members of our design team to have the support of BrandBourg in this endeavour. They are seasoned experts in their field who enjoy sharing their knowledge. Our team came away from this hands-on experience enriched, motivated and well equipped to handle the challenges of implementation.”

– Isabelle Murray, designer and brand project manager, Premier Tech

“We didn't want to just get a report and have a logo handed to us; we wanted to understand the process. The BrandBourg team supported us all along and worked to ensure that the whole team took ownership of this project.”

- Nadine Leclerc, Marketing Director, Premier Tech

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