Kurt Roffey

Director, Consulting

Consulting, consumer product brands

Kurt Roffey

« Even the greatest design and brand thinking, when executed poorly, reflect badly on an organization. Flawless implementation and execution are crucial for the success of any project and requires rigorous attention to detail around a proven process. »

Born into a family that spent their lives working in the fields of agency, prepress and printing, learning from the ground up has helped form Kurt’s knowledge and background in the graphic arts industry. During his earlier years he spent time developing and leveraging innovative technologies, garnering expert knowledge in prepress and understanding its critical role in delivering quality reproduction and building consistent brand recognition.

Today, with over 15 years in the branding industry, having worked at some of the largest brand design agencies in the business, Kurt’s extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of execution along with his deep experience in branding initiatives positions him to be an invaluable partner with his clients, helping to advise and steward them towards excellence. He has lead the rebranding of Canada’s iconic Maple Leaf brand as well as a number of local and global brands with the world’s largest baking company Grupo Bimbo. 

His experience also includes work with notable clients such as Visa, Royal Bank, Martha Stewart, Air France, BMW, Nestle and Pfizer Canada. At BrandBourg, Kurt will champion the firm’s CPG initiatives and help lead the growth of our business within consumer branded products.