Consolidating the brand anchors

Lactantia®, a brand loved by Canadians for its passion for all things natural and its commitment to the wholesome goodness of farm fresh dairy products, has been a pioneer and innovator in the dairy industry for over 70 years. Twenty years ago, in keeping with their leadership role, Lactantia® launched PurFiltre milk, a revolutionary product of its time. PurFiltre was the first filtered milk with a pure, fresh taste that stays fresher longer without preservatives.

In the redesign of the Lactantia® milk, BrandBourg played homage to the brand’s roots, elevating great taste and freshness cues by valorizing its visual equities and identity elements. The iconic father and son image on the backdrop of the Canadian farm is made highly recognizable on shelf while drawing upon the strong emotional connection consumers have for this authentic, natural, premium quality line of products.

The new design also improves the shopping experience by optimizing the navigation cues on pack. A visually strong and consistent design structure enables easy identification and choice-making for the consumer.

And with a refreshed Lactantia® logo that is modern and simple, consumers will be even more endeared to this iconic Canadian brand.

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