Train. Perform. Transform.

The challenge: To stand out in a mutating environment

A leading player in the field of continuing education in Quebec, Technologia offers over 300 courses, online and in class, public or private, across numerous areas of expertise, including IT, project management, business management, communications and human resources.

As the highly competitive education market is going through transformative change, each company must find a way to differentiate and stand its ground. Technologia had recently decided to push its repositioning initiative further, in the hope of modernizing its value proposition and distance itself from other players.

Technologia therefore called upon BrandBourg to rethink its brand platform and its signature, as well as its digital visual identity.

Three words that evoke the added value resulting from the interaction between trainer and trainee.

New signature: Train. Perform. Transform.

The approach: Confirm brand anchors and identify sources of differentiation

First, BrandBourg validated Technologia’s brand strategy with managers and employees in every department. This helped define the organization’s personality and the employees’ perception of what people on the outside thought of the brand. We then performed an audit of competitors and inspiring brands.

This brought forth two important insights. The first one is that Technologia’s offer was definitely relevant and that the organization had an excellent reputation. The second is that it needed to clarify its offer to its clientele, update its key  messages, and adopt a more contemporary image to stand out from the lot. In other words, Technologia had to update its brand promise and expression to better differentiate itself.

The result: A vibrant brand focused on people

Technologia is much more than a training facility. It’s a place that merges “knowing what to do” and “knowing how to be” in order to help professionals develop their skills, reach their full potential and become outstanding in their field. Technologia is the convergence point of knowledge and the people who share it and perfect it.

The visual identity and signature of the brand have therefore been updated to better reflect this concept.

Previous signature: Savoir plus. Valoir plus.  [More knowledge. More worth.]

New signature: Former. Performer. Transformer.  [Train. Perform. Transform.]

Three words that evoke the added value resulting from the interaction between trainer and trainee.

Each verb in the brand platform is expressed by a specific colour: blue evokes “Train” and is associated with the trainer. Yellow represents “Perform” and is attributed to the trainee. Green, which is the result of mixing these two pure, vivid colours, becomes the expression of “Transform,” symbolizing the point of convergence of skills and people, and their impact on the organization.

The visual platform favours the use of black-and-white photos of individuals (trainers and trainees). These can be superimposed with transparent colours to create movement and emphasis, in addition to facilitating the identification of trainers or trainees.

« L’équipe de BrandBourg nous a aidés à optimiser le lien entre notre promesse, notre offre et notre communication. Leur expertise en transformation numérique a été un grand atout. »

Cyril Vulgarides, Directeur général, Technologia

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