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A leader in e-business solutions in Canada, ACCEO Solutions quickly went from a service company to a product and services company, in addition to expanding to a worldwide market and conquering vertical markets. The company’s acquisition strategy allowed ACCEO Solutions to almost quintuple its annual sales as well as its staff in only five years. ACCEO called upon BrandBourg during this period of intense change.

Our objective was clear: to ensure that the ACCEO brand becomes the quality endorser behind the most recognized brands in the portfolio (e.g., Acomba, Tender Retail, Unicité), so that the lesser-known brands could profit from this equity.

The first step was to clarify ACCEO’s relationship with each of these brands. To do so, we have created a decision-making tool that led us to the conclusion that, for the short term, ACCEO would be attached to most of the brands.

Some of Acceo's brands (before their revamping)

Working closely with ACCEO’s in-house teams, we have reasserted the company’s positioning by redesigning its identity: new strategic brand platform, new brand architecture, new visual style and new communication approach. Simpler and easier to manage, the new brand architecture is perfectly suited for organizations that share the same brand promise.

Acting as consultants, designers and coaches, we worked methodically to bring more coherence to the brand and offer a better return on marketing investments.

A few brands in the portfolio already use the monolithic approach, with Acceo as a highly visible prefix. The use of this type of descriptive sub-brands makes navigating through the offer easier and simpler.

“BrandBourg's experience turned out to be truly valuable and reassuring, helping us pinpoint our strategy and rethink our brand architecture, which now presents our selection of products and services in a much clearer way for our clients. The decision-making process BrandBourg uses allowed us to make judicious choices, by eliminating the emotional factor involved in a merger and the abolishment of certain brands.”

- Marie-Carmen Velasco , Executive Vice President and Chief Human Capital and Shared Services Officer

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