The challenge : To claim its difference and optimize its impact

The Neuro is the largest research and clinical care institution dedicated to neuroscience and neurological diseases in Canada, and one of the most renowned in the world. With the objective of clarifying its singularity on the international scientific stage, and to emerge as a unifying brand, the Neuro called upon BrandBourg to unveil its DNA, rethink its identity and optimize its brand ecosystem.

The approach: Working as a team to push the envelope

Since 1934, the Neuro has been at the forefront of research and in the treatment of complex neurological diseases.

It is where researchers, clinicians and caregivers work together with patients and donors to advance neurology and develop cutting-edge care and treatments. The Neuro is a place where the global scientific community collaborates according to the principles of open science to push the boundaries of knowledge, to shed light on it and share it for the common good. It’s an inclusive institution where the person is at the core of the practice.

These three pillars of its identity define the Neuro’s singularity and place it at the top of its field, as a pioneer in neurology.

After numerous discussions with the brand’s designers, the management team and key stakeholders in the organization, we were able to uncover the brand’s central idea and find inspiration for its new identity. This led to the development of a more precise brand platform, aimed at the organization’s future development, a renewed image and a clarified brand architecture built on its benefits.

The result: A newly asserted identity

The Neuro’s new identity reflects its difference and added value. The rosace symbol, built with shapes representing the Neuro’s key actors, evokes both the openness and convergence around the person. It also represents the neuron, a direct expression of the organization’s field of expertise. In addition, the new bold and contrasting colour scheme reflects the different pillars of the Hospital-Institute, as well as its personality traits: bright, inspiring and proficient, but also human and caring.

“In a global competitive landscape, with numerous stakeholders and in which we recruit some of the top brain researchers in the world, it is crucial to have a brand strategy that is coherent, impactful and unifying. We know we can rely on BrandBourg's expertise to guide us in our strategic decisions.”

- Damien Chalaud, Senior Director of Communications

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