In 2016, Rromeo’s gin made its debut at the SAQ with the mission to democratize art… and gin! Since then, many gin lovers, mixologists and urban artists from coast to coast have rallied around the cause and celebrated “the art of gin” in all its forms, using a brand with a powerful identity and now offering a vast portfolio of products.

The Challenge

It was relatively easy for gin lovers to understand romeo’s gin’s product proposition in its early days, when the brand had only one product. Over the years, romeo’s gin has launched numerous special editions of its flagship gin as well as a flavoured gin and four ready-to-drink cocktails.

Optimizing its packaging design platform was a must, as it was about to launch a new flavoured gin at the SAQ, as well as a brand new line of non-alcoholic cocktails in supermarkets and convenience stores across Quebec. The question was how to make an increasingly complex product offering easier to understand in distinct and highly competitive environments that have their own codes.

Our Approach

The team of graphic designers and marketing strategists at Duvernois Esprits Créatifs joined BrandBourg’s team in a co-creative process to maximize the relevance and impact of recommendations pertaining to the design platform’s evolution.

By merging the knowledge and expertise of the brand’s craftsmen with that of BrandBourg’s specialists, romeo’s gin was able to :

  • take full advantage of the fine-tuned knowledge of issues related to the full range of packaging design and shelf navigation challenges from BrandBourg’s strategy and creative teams;
  • benefit from BrandBourg’s extensive spirits marketing expertise and industry knowledge;
  • have access to packaging design experts who have successfully assisted major international brands with their navigation issues, enabling them to consolidate and grow their market shares.

The co-creation experience was articulated through a series of meetings that clearly demonstrated the benefits of the BrandBourg method: BrandBourg method: a merging of strategy, marketing and creation, that optimizes the contribution of the client and its extensive knowledge of the brand and its markets.


The Results

An optimized packaging design platform, allowing for a better balance between the recognition, communication and navigation needs intrinsic to any packaging design.

Increased impact for the bottled gin line, as well as more effective communication of flavoured gin offerings.

A new non-alcoholic product line that reflects the essence and spirit of the romeo’s gin brand while optimizing its ability to communicate its distinctive attributes across its entire portfolio.

“BrandBourg’s team allowed us to take a step back from our products as a whole while helping us map out the visual logic through our romeo’s gin line. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to strengthen and clarify our on-shelf presence. A successful undertaking!”

Nikolaos Lerakis, Creative Director, Duvernois Creative Spirits

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