Generating enthusiasm

ÉTS (L’École de technologie supérieure) is a true generator of innovation and engineering for Québec’s industry. Intent on pursuing its mission of promoting education and research, the institution launched an extensive fundraising campaign, with the objective of raising 40 million dollars over the next five years. ÉTS called upon BrandBourg’s help to achieve this tremendous challenge.

Inspired by the institution’s vision and pragmatism, BrandBourg developed the campaign’s theme and signature: LE MONDE ÉTS À NOTRE PORTÉE. This slogan (a play on words meaning “the world within your grasp”) highlights the institution’s ambitions, potential and reputation on a worldwide basis. This line is presented in various formats, adapting to the various themes and projects within the campaign, which is aimed at leaders of society and ÉTS’s natural supporters (its community of professors, researchers, employees and graduates).

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