The ambassadors of peace

The Chamber of Notaries of Quebec is the professional board whose mission is to protect the public as a user of notary services. This board is also responsible for the regulation of the notarial profession in Quebec. In order to adapt to the always evolving needs of citizens, businesses and society in general, notaries, like many other professions today, must have a clear position to reaffirm their relevance.

The Chamber of Notaries of Quebec called upon BrandBourg’s brand strategists and specialists to revise its strategic brand platform.

The notary is essentially a force of harmony in our society. By promoting conciliation rather than confrontation, the notary helps to pacify civil relationships. Peace of mind, household peace or social peace is at the heart of a notary’s purpose. It makes harmony its philosophy and empathy its standard of conduct while assisting each client in the key moments of their life. The notary is the ultimate jurist of harmony, a true ambassador of peace.

To support this new strategic platform, BrandBourg also revised the visual and verbal language of the Chamber to infuse the new founding principles of the brand on all of its points of contact (publications, magazines, new offices).

“BrandBourg is the ultimate partner when it comes to revising the founding principles of a brand. Their strategists quickly integrated our context and proposed a truly clever and distinctive evolution of our brand. Proactive and open, they assisted us throughout the whole process and deployment.”

- Marie Lefebvre, Director, Customer Service and Communication

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