The challenge: To raise awareness among public decision makers and patients about pharmacists' crucial role within the healthcare ecosystem

Over a million consultations are performed in pharmacies every week, proving that pharmacists have a leading role to play in the healthcare system. Pharmacists are in regular contact with their patients, which helps build trusting, personalized professional relationships.

These relationships are why the clinical services being offered in pharmacies provide relief for other professionals in the system, freeing their time to focus on patients who require their specific expertise. The patient can thereby consult the right professional, at the right time, in the right place.

The 1900 pharmacies across the province have a key role to play in today’s healthcare system: their professionals are part of the equation.

The approach: Positioning for more push

BrandBourg developed a communication campaign under the theme “Pharmacists are part of the equation”, positioning the profession at the core of public health issues. With a unified approach to communications, the goal was to combine all communication tools (social media, web advertising, microsite and digital displays) to increase their impact with numerous specific targets.

The result: A solid base for future initiatives

Quebec’s pharmacists are seeing their role expand within the healthcare ecosystem, with new opportunities to better serve the population. The Association can now plan for the next steps with a clearer view, enhanced communication tools and well-coordinated messages specifically targeting key stakeholders: members, legislators, strategic partners and the public.

“At BrandBourg, we found experienced professionals driven by passion. This is reflected in their warm and reassuring approach, imparted with the sensitivity it takes to help us define ourselves. Their project management is very flexible to adapt to our pace, without ever lacking rigour. Over the course of the projects, BrandBourg has been a strong partner in ensuring that our goals are achieved.”

Jean Bourcier, Executive Vice-President and General Manager

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