The Power of Unity

An organization bringing together key players in the profession and acting as the official voice of Canada’s legal professionals, the CBA mandated BrandBourg to revitalize and manage its brand.

Unifying themes, new communication tone and style, revamped image, brand architecture: BrandBourg reviewed all of the CBA’s communication vectors. The CBA’s Web site, publications and events, now more than ever, pack a cohesive punch.

It is a major project being progressively rolled out across all the CBA’s communication platforms, regional and national alike.

“The BrandBourg team knows how to evolve within the context of associations. They can guide us, and help us progress with diligence while respecting the dynamics of our highly diversified group. They are genuine vectors of change.”

- Marie-Josée Lapointe, Senior Director, Communications and Marketing, The Canadian Bar Association

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