Building a strong employer brand

November 2015. Taxelco takes on the challenge of reinventing the taxi industry.

The company creates a responsible corporate citizen, with a fleet consisting entirely of electric vehicles and professional drivers employed by the organization. An industry first.

This is the context in which our client asked us to help them convince experienced drivers, as well as talented professionals working in technology, management and finance, to join this bold and exciting project. The objective being to offer an exclusive employment experience to Téo’s future candidates.

To do so, we have met with drivers to better understand their daily reality. We held numerous interviews to discover the specifics of a company whose core is its people. This allowed us to develop better attraction strategies and an action plan based on Téo’s trade needs: drivers, web developers, fleet managers, etc.

We are also helping our client redefine its web platform, more specifically with regards to the candidate experience. This project is currently ongoing.

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