The challenge: increase attractiveness to stakeholders

A pioneer for the past 25 years, Fondaction is the investment fund for all who support the positive transformation of Quebec’s economy. They strive to make our economy more efficient, more equitable, more inclusive and greener.

Our initial mandate was to create a brand expression platform with strong and coherent visual language and an inspired, distinctive tone. This exercise was to lay the foundations for a complete plan for the coming years covering all print and digital tools. The exercise had to take into account the official colors of the organization in order to highlight its three fundamental pillars.

At the same time, Fondaction was seeking a partner to support them in rethinking it’s employer brand. They wanted to highlight the attractiveness of its brand in order to support recruitment and talent retention.

The approach: collaboration and synergy at the heart of our process

True to its values, BrandBourg always involves the client team from the beginning of projects. We believe that customers know their industry, their business and, by extension, their brand better than anyone. Our goal is to get the client to adhere to the approach and take ownership of the project, which makes them autonomous afterwards and ensure the sustainability of our intervention.

Honouring this philosophy, BrandBourg conducted surveys, interviews and workshops with around 75 employees, from the most recent recruits to managers, and numerous meetings with the project team. We were then able to draw up a full picture of the employees’ experience and their vision for Fondaction.

At the same time, this process allowed us to set the foundations to develop the brand expression platform. In collaboration with the public affairs team at Fondaction, BrandBourg developed a brand platform that integrates the learnings from the various workshops. The result was a platform that perfectly matches the values of the organization.

By working simultaneously on two aspects of the brand (employer and brand expression), we were able to maximize the synergy between the consumer brand and the employer brand.

The result: learnings that fueled the creative process

With the brand expression and employer brand platform executed simultaneously, the learnings obtained in the analysis of the employer brand fueled the creative process for the brand expression platform.

Our work set the stage for the next steps of Fondaction’s journey in defining its brand platform and planning its implementation.

The unified brand expression platform makes it easier to understand the range of products and services for each of the target audiences and each of the themes. A relevant and consistent voice. Evocative content. In essence, a platform that is cohesive and complementary to Fondaction identity, values and aspirations. One that will help reinforce its notoriety, highlight its offer of financing and savings products as well as its unique qualities to all stakeholders

"Translating a corporate culture into
territories for graphic expression is no easy task. This is where collaborative work with the BrandBourg team made a big difference. BrandBourg helped us to capture what drives our teams and what is at the heart of our culture to then articulate our brand expression platform around this personality."

- Julie Cailliau Director, Communications and Marketing