The talent at the right place.

For the past 30 years, MCMR has developed a solid expertise in recruitment, talent scouting and placement in the finance, pharmacy, industrial and commercial sectors. This vast know-how, which is the result of several acquisitions, has been a benefit to large corporations such as Desjardins, Molson Coors, Coca Cola and ArcelorMittal.

In an effort to clarify and reinforce its brand impact, the company initiated a major strategic review and asked BrandBourg’s experts to accompany the team in the redefinition of its brand positioning and identity.

From a complex brand architecture composed of several brands (MCMR, Trudeau-Dupré, Trimax, Excel Pharma), the work on branding helped simplify the portfolio while giving focus and more meaningful communication of the company’s raison d’être: the human factor. As a result, the company’s DNA was clearly articulated, and served as guidelines to the creation of a new identity and a new brand name. Thus, MCMR now becomes Umanico, a unifying name for all company entities, that is in line with the brand essence, a strategic ally in the management of human resources. The new brand signature, The talent at the right place, and the creation of an image capturing the versatility, efficiency, authenticity and engagement of Umanico’s team, affirms with strength, relevance and coherence its unique place in the market.

“Brandbourg tagged along our team in the whole thinking process with professionalism and rigor. Their team has a great listening skills, which is very reassuring. We are very pleased with the result.”

- Tanya Luttrell, partner, General Manager

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