Lynne Gagnon

Vice-President, Strategy and Consulting

Practice lead, Brand Architecture (M&A) and Deployment

Lynne Gagnon

« I believe that a brand strategy that doesn't include all stakeholders will remain an intellectual exercise. Strategy is only 20% of a project. The other 80% consists of its alignment and execution at the brand's every point of contact. »

Lynne has an exceptional and multidisciplinary track record with brands.

She began her brand management career with multinational producers of consumer packaged goods, such as Kellogg’s and Danone. She moved on to the service industry, where she led ambitious rebrandings of two of Quebec’s public transport agencies: the STM, and EXO (born of the merger of the former Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) and the 13 municipal and intermunicipal transport bodies of Greater Montreal’s North and South Shores).

Highly analytical and a good communicator, Lynne is persuasive and able to unite stakeholders around a shared vision. She excels at analyzing client needs and expectations and at implementing processes and programs for continuous improvement. As part of her duties, she has managed creative teams, skillfully blending strategic and creative considerations.

Her unique experience makes her a go-to expert in client and employee experience management, as well as brand alignment.