Desjardins Capital is an investment fund manager whose mission is to provide financial and strategic support and guidance to businesses that are in a growth phase, thereby contributing to the collective wealth of all Quebecers.

As entrepreneurs have access to an increasing number of funding solutions, it is crucial that Desjardins Capital claims its rightful place by differentiating itself and building brand awareness. Within this context, the company sought BrandBourg’s expertise to clarify its offering and to convey its key attributes and advantages to its priority target groups in a relevant, impactful manner.

A collaborative process

BrandBourg’s role in any brand strategy mandate is to serve as a catalyst to help reveal a company’s DNA. We do this through an inclusive, participative approach that enables us to accurately pinpoint our client’s positioning—in this case, that of Desjardins Capital, consistent with the Desjardins brand. For this mandate, Desjardins Capital’s internal clients and teams, as well as the principal external stakeholders, were all consulted, through interviews and guided workshops adapted to the particular participants involved.

Strategic brand alignment

Executing the brand strategy, often left to the sole purview of a company’s marketing and communications teams, always represents a challenge of commitment and internal mobilization. Yet strategy is a daily undertaking and is deployed through the brand experience, at all its points of contact and interaction. In the present case, Desjardins Capital’s management team tasked BrandBourg to guide it in the execution of its strategy by highlighting what needed to be addressed by all its teams, not just the marketing team.

BrandBourg was also retained as branding expert for the Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins fund.

“Throughout this mandate, we were able to appreciate BrandBourg's expertise and to have our internal perspectives evolve regarding our positioning. Our orientation is now clear and we are able not only to convey the added value we have to offer, but also to align our teams so we provide our clients with a distinctive experience.”

- Claude Delâge, VP Business Outreach

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