Transporting people efficiently and with ease

Born from the fusion of the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) and thirteen municipal and intermunicipal transport organisations, Réseau de transport métropolitain (RTM), newly renamed as exo, operates the scheduled public transit services of trains and buses, as well as the paratransit service in the Montreal metropolitan region, particularly in the north and south shore areas.

It has mandated Brandbourg to develop a unique positioning; an enlightening brand platform and an inspiring story that will contribute to the development of a strong brand for key stakeholders.

BrandBourg has also been mandated to develop exo’s digital brand guide, in partnership with Sid Lee and the internal team at exo who developed the creative content.

A process that mobilizes

The underlying challenge leading to the articulation of exo’s brand strategy was accepting the loss of fourteen brands coming from municipal and intermunicipal transport organizations in order to be better reborn under one unifying identity.

In collaboration with the internal teams, the BrandBourg strategists carried out several mobilization workshops with key stakeholders, ensuring both an adequate response to the expectations and imperatives of implementation, as well as the sustainability of the positioning.

Exo: a quality of life contributor

If living in the suburbs represents a safe haven for the residents, where calmness, security, nature and space come together, it thus represents multiple challenges when it comes the time to travel. Roadworks, traffic jams, and consequently, travel time are aspects that negatively affect the quality of life.

Beyond what exo proposes in terms of efficiency and user-friendliness in the public transit networks of the north and south crowns of Montreal, it was crucial, at the time of the development of the brand platform, to identify the emotional benefits of the brand in order to touch the hearts of users. The reduction of stress, the access to quality time for ourselves and our positive contribution to the preservation of the environment are supporting elements that define DNA, which is a strong promise, supported by the multiple facets of the implementation of the service to the users.

Brand expression

Deploying a brand requires definition of how the brand should express itself and a clear direction for brand managers.

In continuity with the strategic reflection mandate concerning the deployment of the brand, BrandBourg was thus granted the mandate to develop exo’s digital brand guide, allowing a perfect alignment between the strategy and its implementation. This user-friendly, interactive and custom-built tool helps to guide managers and the community of experts in expressing an inspiring and compelling brand.

Developed by BrandBourg, this tool allows one to:

  • Reveal the universe of the brand and the company’s culture through a strong statement, a precise language and powerful images
  • Provide the keys and instructions for use. This second part presents the brand identity elements and explains the principles that oversee its use
  • Demonstrate the brand in action, through the presentation of prototypes of brand usage in various contexts and broadcasting platforms
  • Have access to a digital library that gathers all the graphic files useful for the design and the production of the brand’s applications

«BrandBourg succeeded in rallying key stakeholders around a single brand and accurately define the DNA of. With our digital brand guide, we now have a user-friendly and interactive tool allowing our teams to align the brand's deployment in a consistent, powerful and engaging way.»

- Lynne Gagnon, Directrice -Advertising and Brand Management, Communications and Public Affairs

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