To continue the momentum the brand has been experiencing in Quebec during the last two years, Bimbo Canada decided to expand the Bon Matin brand footprint by launching a line of organic products. Given the ultra-competitive environment of healthy, premium breads dominated by a handful of brands, this launch would help solidify Bon Matin’s leading position in this critical bread market. Product innovation research confirmed that Bon Matin Organic has great potential to generate strong business results with minimal cannibalization to the core line.  Bimbo Canada turned to BrandBourg to create a new visual identity and package design platform for this brand extension.

The Challenge

The most significant design challenge was finding the optimal balance between a design platform that visually presented Organic within the Bon Matin masterbrand family and one that was more unique and distinct. After all, the sub-segment would have to aggressively compete with a highly recognizable competitive set.

The Outcome

“La mie BIO” was recommended as the name for the offering, to create a familiar consistency with La mie de l’artisan (the premium offering within Bon Matin) while capitalizing on the short, impactful abbreviation “BIO”, widely accepted and understood to mean organic.

Illustrative elements depicting ingredients and nature cues encircle the brand identity and create an optimistic tonality and distinctive visual platform for the brand.

The final result is a highly unique package design that leaps off the shelf and enables Bon Matin to own the organic message.

“We commend BrandBourg for creating our distinctive Bon Matin BIO platform. They leveraged their insightful understanding of the category, the consumer and the brand to conceive a design that builds on the Bon Matin franchise while distinctly jumping off the shelf and connecting with the organic consumer.”

Mary Bewick Clowater, Director of Marketing, Bimbo Canada

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