Liette Vézina

Senior Director, Strategy and Consulting

Practice lead, Naming

Liette Vézina

« We provide an objective and participatory approach to minimize the emotional impact on the decision-making process. Emotion should be reserved for the big idea that expresses the brand's DNA. »

Liette holds degrees in marketing (HEC) and the environment (Université libre de Bruxelles). She began her career doing business research at the Burke Institute in Europe. After returning to Canada, she worked at Seagram, Culinar, Corby, Molson and Fleury Michon Canada as marketing director and a board member.

Being a graduate of a prestigious marketing school, Liette is a top-flight strategist and a gifted communicator. She has a keen eye for the day-to-day reality of her clients and the markets in which they do business, and spares no effort to highlight growth opportunities and help businesses reach those market segments that show high potential.

Methodical and rigorous in her approach, Liette is a contributor to the success of our brand strategy, identity and expression initiatives for clients such as Desjardins Capital, CPAC, Parmalat, Réseau Sélection, the Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital), SOQUIJ and many others.