New Hostess brand image hits retail shelves

BrandBourg reworked the Hostess brand’s positioning and the overall identity of its iconic brands, like Twinkies and Cupcakes, to make them more fun, festive and appealing. The main objectives were to:

1. Develop an ownable design platform

2. Position the Hostess brand in the overall corporate portfolio  and give it a distinctive look and feel to differentiate it from Vachon and Sara Lee

3. Enhance the individual personality of each product brand while maintaining a family resemblance

4. Preserve familiarity and  brand recognition

“This is a great example of how a brand can evolve to be more in tune with today’s consumer expectations while remaining faithful to its DNA. We also developed a platform that can easily be expanded to embrace seasonal offerings while continuing to perform well on shelf.”

  – Julie Raymond, VP Strategy and Consulting, BrandBourg

"Based on research results, we believe this brand redesign will create excitement for the snack cakes category. The evolution from a very passive to an energetic and personality-driven design platform will have great stopping power in the busy retail environment. Many thanks to BrandBourg for their creative excellence and their deep understanding of the category. "

– Riona Coller, Marketing Director, Bimbo Canada

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