Caprion-HistoGeneX, a Contract Research Organization Laboratory (CRO) to the biopharmaceutical industry, partners with its clients to address the most complex scientific testing needs, delivering customized biomarker testing solutions to further the limitless potential of precision medicine.

Caprion, and HistoGeneX, who merged in 2019, have been on a solid path for growth for the last few years through strategic acquisitions and the plan is to maintain that growth in the next years, to become the global partner of choice for precision medicine. The company now operates across the globe, with a presence in North America, Europe and Asia (China).



The Challenge

This strategic merger, executed to increase both the global presence and the array of strategic services, created a new offering in the market for which a new positioning was required and where awareness needed to be gained quickly.

As with most companies who have grown through various mergers and acquisitions, Caprion, HistoGeneX and the other acquired companies had strong company cultures, in which each company’s employees had a strong sense of belonging. It was quickly understood that, to create a true sense of belonging of the new teams, a unified brand would be a powerful strategic lever.

The answer

BrandBourg accompanied the merged companies in defining the core purpose, vision and values of the new organization. Interviews and workshops with all key stakeholders quickly put in light a bold vision and an inspiring brand promise, as well as many common values from all organizations. It was then determined that this corporate vision could be best achieved through the creation of a new name for the organization. These foundations were also the base of an inspiring brand story that sparked the creative process.

The new name, CellCarta, which symbolizes the pioneering of mapping the human cells (and alludes to the Magna Carta, the first known charter of liberties), embodies the core purpose of the merged companies: Propelling precision medicine to improve human health. The idea of mapping precision medicine is further developed through the brand identity, with a logo that conveys the “human puzzle”. “This identity powerfully delivers what precision medicine is about and resonates strongly throughout the entire company, from Montreal to China. The new brand certainly acts as a strong lever for mobilization”, says Martin LeBlanc, CEO of CellCarta.

The identity platform also takes into account the future growth of the company. A strong transition system is in place to easily integrate future acquisitions, and allow new employees to feel a sense of belonging right from the start, right down to creating a personal brand icon unique to each employee, which will be leveraged in an onboarding employee experience tool that will help every new team member quickly grasp what CellCarta is about and adhere to the purpose and vision.

The new brand platform was created with every communication target in mind. Beyond being relevant to customers, the CellCarta brand story inspires employees and positions the company positively for future talent acquisition. And although the science of precision medicine is complex, the brand’s narrative now speaks to a diverse audience, helping the general public understand what the company does. This will be key for future growth, helping in the acquisition process and attracting new global customers.

The results

Launched in January 2021, the response to the new brand was overwhelmingly positive. “It is clearly contributing to positioning CellCarta as the global partner of choice for precision medicine. It resounds positively with our global customers and partners and clearly projects what we have become: one united company, offering integrated services on a global scale” says David Spaight, Executive Chairman of CellCarta and Operating Partner with Arsenal Capital, CellCarta’s principal investor.

“This identity powerfully delivers what precision medicine is about and resonates strongly throughout the entire company, from Montreal to China. The new brand certainly acts as a strong lever for mobilization.”

- Martin Leblanc, CEO of Cellcarta

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