Rejuvenating Brand Identity

Astro® yogourt, a favourite of Canadian consumers for over 3 decades, has always been made with uncompromising quality to meet exceptional taste standards. Its signature Astro® Original Balkan Set Style yogourt is a leader in the category and embodies what the Astro® brand stands for – Natural is best.

Despite the brand’s success in growing its portfolio and meeting the diverse needs within this large category, Parmalat had evidence that the consumer was not clear on what the Astro® brand stood for and was confused about the different offerings.

Working closely with Parmalat’s Canadian and Global marketing teams, BrandBourg explored a number of strategic creative avenues, using research to confirm and validate the optimal design. Ultimately the final design involved crafting a skillful update to the brand’s key equities, balancing the need for evolutionary change to maintain visual continuity against the need for a revolutionary impact on conveying the brand’s stance for authenticity, naturalness and quality.

New product innovations such as parfait varieties and mousse textured products were a key part of the brand restage. They helped recharge the brand’s leadership status by bringing retailers exciting news while offering yogourt consumers truly unique and appealing consumption options. BrandBourg’s support of Parmalat’s Innovations team began with fast-sketch ideation to initially capture their vision and continued as creative partners throughout the research, testing and final package development stages.

The redesigned Astro® portfolio has a powerful, unified presence on shelf that is sure to engage and attract new consumers to the franchise.

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“In the redesign of Astro®, BrandBourg successfully elevated packaging to truly embody what our brand promises consumers – products of natural goodness with exceptional taste and quality standards. My team and our Global Marketing group benefited from BrandBourg’s expertise and admire their dedication and passion for their work.”

- Paul Gallagher, VP Marketing, Parmalat Canada

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