Aging in our modern society no longer carries the same meaning. Réseau Sélection is well aware of this. A pioneer in their field, they are a Canadian leader in private retirement complexes with over 35 locations in operation, under construction or in development and nearly 3,500 people dedicated to its customers.


BrandBourg’s mission was to define the positioning of Réseau Sélection, structure the architecture of the brand portfolio, review visual identity and ensure greater impact for the brand.


After developing the new brand promise, “live better longer”, which highlights the aspirations of customers and ideas related to quality of life as a whole, beyond just the residential aspect, we then designed a campaign theme, “There is no age”, which refers to retirement age as a period of accomplishment rather than a period of renunciation. Thus, “there is no age to dream, to learn, to cook, to dare, to create …”. This campaign was rolled out as video clips played on major networks and posted on social media.

Finally, we harmonized the brand portfolio and highlighted the “Sélection” brand by creating a new visual identity with greater impact and more visibility, reminiscent of grand hotels.

A methodical and gradual change that is being deployed as new projects develop.

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