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An Action-Packed Beginning to a Very Promising Year



Since the beginning of the year, our offices have been buzzing with the arrival of numerous new clients who have entrusted BrandBourg with their brands. Our new clients come in various shapes and sizes, and are active in markets ranging from Montréal to the international scene.


Téo Taxi shook up the taxi industry in Montréal with its fleet of electric cars that use the latest connective technologies and with its high quality, courteous service.  


R3D Conseil provides its support to companies in implementing electronic business solutions and managing IT investment projects. It has offices in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.


Chocolats Favoris is a unique chocolate shop concept that started in Lévis (Québec) and has spread across the nation. The company is poised to expand to the international market.  


Eers is a Montréal-based business preparing the launch of an innovative hearing protection system for the workplace, allowing workers to communicate via radio waves.


Boiseries Raymond is one of the main suppliers of finishing materials, doors and staircases in Québec's construction and renovation market.  


Classic Woodwork offers premium woodworking services across North America and Europe.  




2017 marks the opening of our Toronto branch, headed by the newest member of our team, John Nishida.  John is a seasoned marketer and brand builder who, in addition to leading BrandBourg's Toronto-based team, is co-president of our agency in charge of our consumer products division.

BrandBourg already provides its services to Parmalat Canada and the LCBO, two major players in the Toronto market. We are thrilled to serve this vast market from our new address, which is meant to help accelerate our growth and deploy an all-inclusive approach across the Canadian market.





We're happy to announce the addition of Newton to BrandBourg's offering. Newton is a multidisciplinary team of professionals specializing in employer branding. This dynamic group allows BrandBourg to cover a brand's every need — branding, marketing, communications and now employee experience and corporate culture.


This comprehensive approach has become crucial, especially the tech industries where competition to attract and retail the best talent is a constant challenge. It also is a key factor in the services industry, where the employee is the brand's first ambassador.


Florian Pradon is Newton's co-founder and director of employee experience at BrandBourg.


New clients

Fall has been particularly active at BrandBourg, we are thrilled to work with Maibec, the North American authority in wood based exterior siding; and Magil Construction, ranked among the top ten builders in the country. 

Van Houtte®



BrandBourg reworked the Van Houtte brand’s positioning and the overall identity of this Master Roaster. The agency has also revamped close to fifty packaging designs in various categories and formats. For this endeavour, BrandBourg developed a comprehensive, fully interactive digital brand book, which everyone involved with the brand in the company’s various divisions will be able to use to better understand the brand’s essence, its reason for being and all its applications with just a few clicks.




Having developed the organization's brand strategy, BrandBourg accompanied the TOHU in the implementation of its subscription campaign and promotion of its 2016-2017 program.


The agency illustrated the TOHU's eight major shows of the season through posters and visual themes, and created the campaign's promotional materials including, among other artfully executed pieces, a brochure and videos. 

Attract. Engage.



The official launch of Newton was held May 18, 2016 at the SAT (Société des arts technologiques à Montréal). Over 200 guests from the fields of human resources, marketing and communications mingled and shared this historic moment.

Co-founded by BrandBourg Marketing and Design and Sourcinc, Newton is a multidisciplinary team of seasoned professionals whose expertise complement one another to create a powerful partnership combining human resources and the driving force of branding, marketing and communication.

Acceo Solutions



Specializing in electronic business transactions, ACCEO Solutions is a leader in business, accounting and banking solutions, in SAAS and in cloud computing solutions.


BrandBourg has provided its support to ACCEO for the deployment of its offer and to clarify its brand architecture and its marketing. For this purpose, BrandBourg’s three partners are working as trainers with ACCEO’s internal teams.

La Chambre des notaires du Québec

New client


The Chambre des notaires du Québec has mandated BrandBourg to consider their brand strategy, positioning and communications.


The Chambre's mission is to ensure the public's protection by promoting the preventative practice of law that fulfill the public's needs, and by making the justice system accessible to all.

Montréal Cirque Festival

New campaign


The Montréal Cirque Festival, a TOHU event, has been giving goose bumps to Montréal audiences for over ten summers now.


BrandBourg designed the festival's 2016 annual campaign aimed at leveraging the public's enthusiasm to further establish the festival's strong positioning.


New campaign


BrandBourg developed the École de technologie supérieure's massive fundraising campaign, with the objective of raising 40 million dollars over the next five years.

Point G

New image


BrandBourg revamped the brand identity for Point G, the epicurean boutique on Mont-Royal Avenue in Montréal, established by renowned pastry chef Julien Reigner.


New client


Epiderma, a leader in the field of medical esthetics, came to BrandBourg to better define its new positioning — that is, a more clinical approach — and renew its identity at different points of contact.

Baseball Canada



Following its strategic development work for Baseball Québec, BrandBourg was approached for a similar project by Baseball Canada, the national federation based in Ottawa.


“The insightful and remarkably clear work BrandBourg did for Baseball Québec naturally enticed us into mandating them with the job of sharpening our communication with Canadian parents and young players across the country.”

- André Lachance, General manager, Baseball Canada
Keurig Canada

BrandBourg becomes one of the agencies responsible for branding and packaging design for some brands in Keurig’s portfolio in Canada.


“BrandBourg is one of our newest partners. We’re thrilled to be able to take advantage of their vast experience in food marketing in North America, both in terms of strategy and design.”

- Isabelle Pasquet-Geairon, Vice President Marketing