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BrandBourg is a strategy and design consulting firm dedicated exclusively to brands.


Our mission is to create and build strong brands with the merging of marketing, branding and design.


We guide our clients throughout their brand's creation or revitalization process. Our approach is comprehensive. We look at brands from their commercial, institutional and citizenship perspectives, as well as from the employer point of view. Thanks to Newton, our division specializing in talent attraction and mobilization, we help our clients bring their brands to life within their company culture.
BrandBourg believes that brands are driven by ideas and that the ability to visualize these ideas is key to their success. At BrandBourg, strategies come to life in our clients' daily operations. 

BrandBourg provides clear answers to brand managers' issues and concerns:  



Reality as a Springboard for Innovation and Creativity 

We know that organizations who are nimble and focussed on client benefits have a better chance of succeeding. That is why our approach is driven by a deep understanding of market dynamics, society currents and technological developments.


BrandBourg understands the universe in which today's brands must evolve, and is able to work with its clients to build highly efficient brand development plans and tools that will allow them to attain and surpass their growth objectives.


We combine our strengths in terms of analysis, strategy, innovation, design and management with our participative approach to help organizations mobilize their teams and achieve their brands' full potential.

Our services

Marketing & Innovation Strategy

  • Identifying driving forces in your industry
  • Market and segmentation studies
  • Finding business opportunities
  • Innovation planning and development of new concepts
  • Marketing plan  
  • Growth plan

Brand Strategy

  • Strategic, creative and operational diagnostics
  • Brand positioning or repositioning
  • Brand workshops
  • Portfolio rationalization and management
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand/client/employee experience platform
  • Employer branding/attraction and mobilization 

Brand Design and Experience


  • Core idea
  • Nominal idea
  • Visual identity
  • Brand signatures
  • Voice and key messages
  • Content strategy



  • Brand communication / “Storytelling” 
  • Digital communication platform
  • Packaging and structural design
  • Deployment plan
  • 360° digital brand guidelines
  • Brand culture manifesto