Newton | Attraction et mobilizaton

Bringing companies and talents together for the long haul.


Initiated by BrandBourg, Newton is a multidisciplinary team specializing in employer branding, a partnership of complementary fields of expertise combining HR skills to the power of branding, marketing and communication.


We know that performing brands are driven by teams that are motivated, informed, and united in their efforts to reach the same objectives.


We believe that clearly expressed and clearly aligned messages are key to mobilization.


We are proponents of collaborative creation with our clients. We practise principles of design thinking.

What we do

Our employer brand process in four phases

Our services

Brand audit

  • Analysis of employee experience and candidate experience
  • Analysis of candidate's digital journey
  • Meeting with employees
  • Diagnostics

Employer brand definition

  • Ideation workshops
  • Defining employee value proposition
  • Employer brand positioning
  • Coaching and support for internal teams 

Employer brand creation

  • Defining attraction strategy
  • Creation of brand expression
  • Designing employee and candidate experiences
  • Web communication platform
  • Brand culture statement 

Expression, evaluation and measure

  • Deployment plan
  • Content production
  • Design and production of communication tools
  • Organizing mobilization and recruitment events  
  • Monitoring and follow-up 




Florian is forever curious and on the lookout for anything that motivates, mobilizes and drives human beings.


With over 15 years’ experience in talent attraction for major corporations in Europe and Canada in the fields of engineering, technologies and creative trades, Florian is constantly pushing the envelope of employer branding as we know it.


With a keen eye on technology and its impact on humans, his mission is to shed light and activate the productive forces within organizations.