Centech | The Quest for Innovation

The Quest
for Innovation

Centech (Centre for technological entrepreneurship) is an organization dedicated to supporting the most innovative tech businesses. Backed by the ÉTS (École des technologies supérieures), its programs provide entrepreneurs with a unique framework combining cutting edge technology development tools, practical advice from seasoned professionals, and inspiring collective work spaces. Centech's offer is uniquely pragmatic and obsessively focussed on results.

BrandBourg serves as a partner and consultant for Centech and the businesses it supports. The agency regularly hosts marketing workshops and provides its assistance to the entrepreneurs in the program, helping them bring their brand to life.


BrandBourg also designed Centech's new brand image, a simple, straightforward visual identity inspired by the organization's will to constantly look for innovation and the business that will change the future.

Marketing & Innovation Strategy
Brand Creation
Execution & Production

“BrandBourg is the best partner for us. In addition to having developed our brand strategy and our visual identity, they also act as our branding and marketing consulting firm for all the businesses involved with Centech. Their expertise and experience are extremely valuable assets for our organization.”  

Richard Chénier, General Manager, Centech