Acceo_OLD | High speed growth


ACCEO Solutions is a company specializing in e-business operations, and a leader in management and accounting solutions as well as SAAS and cloud computing.


Over the last few years, the company has grown consistently, which led to numerous acquisitions. This in turn led to a number of awards for the company's entrepreneurial spirit and its outstanding contribution to hundreds of thousands of e-transactions across North America. ACCEO called upon BrandBourg's expertise during this period of intense change.


Working closely with ACCEO’s internal teams, we reaffirmed its positioning through the remaking of its identity: new strategic brand platform, new architecture, new style and new communication approach. Our team played multiple roles - consultant, designer, coach - supplying extensive services to provide our client with a more coherent, more impactful marketing of its brand across its full range of expressions.

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Brand Identity
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